No Gi is a BJJ style in which you don’t have to wear a Gi uniform. Instead, students usually wear clothing made out of elastic materials like polyester. The most popular clothes among No Gi grapplers is the rash guard but you can also wear regular shorts and a T-shirt.

Many BJJ pros think this makes No Gi more practical in real life since we’re not walking around wearing a Gi on the street. But this stays open for debate as the other side believes a Gi simulates regular streetwear you can grab during the street fight.

Gi and No Gi styles share a lot of same techniques. But they are a world apart when it comes to tactics and the way you carry out these techniques during the rolls.

First of all, training in a Gi allows you to grab the rival on both coat and pants. The most popular grip is the collar/sleeve grip which fighters use to control their opponent, hold the action, or set up the submission.