Six medals for the Renzo Grace Spain Club of Cambrils at the European Cup

Fantastic participation of the athletes from Cambrils at the Renzo Graze Club in Cambrils in the European Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championships, held this past weekend, October 16th and 17th, at the Lluis Puis Pavilion in Valencia.
The Cambrils delegation with 4 members of the Renzo Gracie Spain Club of Cambrils out of a total of 400 participants, has made a magnificent performance in the No Gi modality (Without kimono) a total of 6 medals.
Of which in Ayoub Choudna, has been silver medal for the category of blue belt, in Iliass Bouaich has taken the Gold and Bronze Medals for the category of purpure belt and Absolute category respectively, in Makar Poddubnyy, Medal of Bronze juvenir category.
To finish the Master of the Renzo Grace Club of Cambrils, Carlos Cline has won the Silver and Bronze medals in the categories of Super Heavy in the Gi (with kimono) and NO GI categories.
Congratulations to all of them.